What are the health benefits of lemon?

The lemon is rich in vitamin C.

Lemon is acid par excellence, it is the king of natural medicines, the champion of remedies. With a sour taste, and pleasant aroma is beneficial for the body, lemon has the most extensive applications in cooking and medicine.

Medicinal use and advice

The lemon is rich in vitamin C.

It is widely used to prevent and combat various diseases.

Acne – Avoid greasy and sweet foods. Drink lemon juice with water, no sugar, several times a day. ·

Amigdalitis – Gargle several times a day with warm water, lemon juice, and a little salt.

Asthma – Toast a lemon in the oven. Squeeze and mix the juice with honey. Take one tablespoon of the mixture every hour.

Nausea – Lemon sucking.

Stomatitis – Rinse lemon with water. Drink two or three times a day a glass of water with half a lemon.

Pharyngitis – Proceed as directed for tonsillitis.

Fever – Cut three half lemons into thin strips. Place them in 500 ml of water and bring to the fire. Boil until the water is reduced to a third. Take half a tablespoon of tea every hour until the fever subsides.

Wounds – Apply lemon juice with salt.

Gastroenteritis – Drink a lemon well diluted in water, sugar-free, two or three times a day, after meals.

Flu – Proceed as directed for asthma, or drink pure lemon juice three times a day.

Crying – take a tablespoon of lemon juice.

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