Homemade Protein Chocolate Bars without Oven!

homemade chocolate bar

Today we’re gonna make a fitness chocolate nougat. It’s super easy to make and super rich. It’s really a Christmas version of the protein bars that are usually eaten as snacks after exercise.

So let’s start by looking at all the ingredients we need: Slightly more than one cup or 150 g oat flakes, 4 and a half tablespoons or 135 g peanut butter, 75 g chocolate flavoured whey proteins equivalent to 3 sachets or scoops, 3 tablespoons or 25 g cocoa powder with no added sugar, 3 tablespoons or 80 g of agave syrup, but you can also use honey u A little cinnamon and 3 tablespoons or 45 ml of milk or water.

The first thing I did was put the peanut butter or cream in a bowl. The next ingredient is agave syrup, which although it contains carbohydrates, is low glycemic index. However, if you want you can also use stevia that does not contain carbohydrates. Mixing Followed Added milk is added

The next step is to add whey protein concentrate. It is rich in essential amino acids such as leucine and cysteine. And now you can add the rest of the ingredients: cinnamon, cocoa and oat flakes. Now with the help of clean hands or a spatula everything is mixed well. And after a few minutes, you should have a very compact and not sticky dough.

If it’s sticky you have to add more oat flakes. And if it gets too dry, a little more milk. Now if you want you can spread the dough on a baking sheet. Leave the dough in the refrigerator for one hour before it is compacted. Although this way it is already quite compact and can be eaten.

After several hours the dough has hardened and can be removed without any problems Ta-chan! Now we can leave it like this in the form of nougat, cut it into ounces or bars as I will do. And if you want to take her away from home to take after some training, you only have to wrap her in a piece of baking paper.

And list Now it is time to try it, although I have already tried it because I am new to the world of fitness cooking. I have made many recipes until I found one that was truly perfect, and also delicious.

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