FavWorld Abs: How I Finally Got Rid of My Dad Body

I turned 40 this year. It was pretty rough. No, I didn’t buy a red muscle car and run of with my secretary (I am, fortunately, happily married). But, I did have a hard time looking at myself in the mirror. A little more gray than I wished to be and a lot more chubby than I wanted to be.

I know the whole Dad Bod thing is “in” and all that, but I’m not all about it. Or maybe it was that I was a little past the Dad Bod and more into the too much pizza and beer bod. The gray hair I can live with. It makes me look “distinguished” as my wife says. But I needed to do something about my fitness (or lack there of)

I Had To Make Some Changes

I knew some things were going to have to change. I prepared myself mentally for it. I had to cut back on the beer and pizza. Easy enough, right? But I needed also to make sure I was really trying to eat clean and eat consistently. No more doughnuts for breakfast and skipping lunch as I worked through the day.

I started eating 3 meals a day and 1 protein shake as a snack. Hard boiled eggs, oatmeal, spinach in my shakes, turkey, chicken, salmon, those became the main staples of my meals. I did cheat one meal once a week, but even then, I tried not to go overboard.

My Workout Routine

Going to the gym was the biggest change for me. I signed up and it had been a while. I started doing some cardio on the treadmills and lifting some weights. I was hitting the gym about 3 times a week. I couldn’t do more, because it’s a huge sacrifice with my work schedule and my family.

Once I started shedding some pounds, I started getting pretty excited. I was looking better, learning more and more about healthy eating and about the best work outs. So I wanted to up my goals, especially the sought after six pack I never thought I would see.

But, did you know that getting a six pack takes serious commitment? Like, you gotta eat real clean and you have to work out every day. Only problem is that I don’t have every day! I’m lucky I can squeeze in three without my wife threatening to take away my bathroom time!

abs stimulator reviews

The Solution: Abs stimulator

Lucky for me, I came across the Ultimate Abs Stimulator while my wife was checking out her go to website, favworld.com. This little device is similar to a tens unit, but it’s made specifically for the abdomen. It uses electrical muscle stimulation to encourage your ab muscles to contract without having to think about it. Meaning, you can get a workout while you are consciously doing something else! So, I can either be jogging at the gym, or watching tv at home or helping my wife in the kitchen while the machine does the serious ab work for me.

The Ultimate Abs stimulator is safe and pain free (although it will leave you sore!). It is black and made of cotton and PU leather, so it’s allergen free and will not cause irritations when used correctly (you gotta have the hydrogel). It has no wires to get hung up on and instead relies on 2 AAA batteries. It has 6 settings so you can get the best workout each and every time.

You can find it at favworld.com at a really good price and you’ll get it delivered safely to your door. Be sure to get one while they still have them!

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