What Happens on the Cruise Phrase of the Dunkan Diet?

The Dunkan Diet cruise phrase is enjoying increasing popularity, and has collaborated with millions of people during their weight loss, weight that participants did not recover.

The exercise

Exercise is a primary part of this diet. However, it is not intended an aggressive exercise program, but it is recommended to walk briskly for 20 minutes a day in the attack phrase and then 30 minutes per day in the cruise phrase.

During the attack phrase – which is first, you are likely to feel very tired because your body is adapting with the new diet and 20 minutes of walking per day will suffice.cruise phrase Dukan diet

The pleasure of the cruise phrase

Once you get to the cruise phrase, you will be able to add vegetables every other day, so you will get more from the diet.

The cruise phrase proposes to walk briskly for 30 minutes per day. If you like exercise and sports before the beginning of the diet, you will enjoy participating in the activities of this phrase.

The cruise phrase is one of the most enjoyable because you will get the sense of achievement from the weight loss phrase of the attack and now you have a list of vegetables that you can add to your daily diet.

You will feel more energetic and how to lose weight is usually psychological, with the lost kilograms you will feel renewed and realize the daily routines that will be easier and even fun.

With the added energy that has given you the Dukan diet  cruise phase, you will be able to return to your favorite activities again.

If you like swimming, you will find that you can swim more than before and better, the same will be true for your aerobic and cycling.

This in turn helps to lose more weight. It becomes a cyclical process, some weight is lost, so it can be exercised for a longer period then you lose more weight and exercise for longer and so on.

The final satisfaction

It’s a great feeling, you lose weight every week and you get more fit at the same time.

The cruise phase of this diet is recommended until reaching the desired weight. This is a very pleasant phase, and you can visit the Dukan diet cruise phase forums, where extremely interesting and constructive diet issues are discussed.

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